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As one of the world's leading specialised, global fund managers, Invesco is focused purely on delivering strong investment returns for your clients.

Invesco Australia timeline at a glance

Invesco Plc launched in Atlanta, US


County NatWest founded in Australia


Invesco and AIM Investments merge to form AMVESCAP PLC


Invesco acquires County Investment Management in Australia


AMVESCAP PLC becomes first Sino-American Fund company to setup in China


AMVESCAP PLC changes its name to Invesco Ltd


Invesco AIM re-branded to Invesco

Acquisition of Morgan Stanley's retail asset management business (including Van Kampen Investments).

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Key People

As CEO, Martin Franc is responsible for building Invesco Australia’s business, including a premium institutional client base and a strong suite of domestic and offshore investment strategies.

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